Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HaikuJAMS March2015

collaborative poetry from website HaikuJAMS


Dirty Sneakers and Popcorn Balls

Your breath sucks the life from me
Your words a scratched, skipping recording
Your earworm imbedded with no escape
Ginger, CelenaDiana, Nan


On the heels of spring
seaweed brine at ocean's edge
morning fog burns off as surfers pack up
Ginger, CelenaDiana, Nan


Put on big wolf pants
Bared teeth, low growl from the chest
Piercing eyes that defy fear within
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan


Spaghetti noodles twisted and bare
Waiting for alfredo to complete them
Shirmp and oregano sublty accent
Ginger, Nan, CelenaDiana

Don't Go

Hate like bruised apples
Aims at the core merciless
Carve away past crimes
Ginger, Nan, CelenaDiana

Moments In Now

I painted m toenails bright pink
Bazooka bubble gum shade
Two-stepping away from the past
Ginger, Nan, CelenaDiana


Moon-cratered ceiling
His feet planted in the earth
Roots for stability sky's the limit
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan


Dodge desperate calls
A liking turned to stalking
Build an impenetrable wall
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan


His shadow traces on my sheets
His still whisper across my shoulder
Aroma still lingers on the shirt we share
Ginger, CelenaDiana, Nan

At Night Truths Are Laid Bare

Whisper away--dusk
Shadows melding connecting
Barn owl on the rise
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger

Where It Takes Us

Fog lost boat--we drift
life's currents steering the way
Awed sunset gazing
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger



Based on misunder-
Standing principles not shared
The bent rules broke us
Ginger, Nan, CelenaDiana


Eyes on phone it rings
Hoping to hear her voice
Answering machine listens
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan


Open paper gown
Ice cold clamps clench soft breast
Quite prayers
Nan, CelenaDiana, Ginger

Low Key

More Director than Rockstar
Coercing in undertones
Silent, coveting the mic
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger


Roar of apology on these sanguine lips
Look at me!  My resolve is not resting
Only said it to diffuse
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan

My Last Day Without

Frustration burning ashes in my mouth
My soul balled up in a tight knot
Couldn't wait another minute. Lit up
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan

For Clarity

Opaque smile offered
Wearing the truth in her voice
Eyes revealing all
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan

She Left

Riot of colors in her wake
She left his clothes on the floor
Resigned as his personal maid
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan



The pin pricked stick stuck
Now just observing, apart
It stuck.  Stick pin pricked
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger

HaikuJAMS April 2015

Collaborative poems from website HaikuJAMS


Innocence can be overrated

your naivete
can leave you vulnerable
Sheep among the wolves
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger


Empty soda cans
Feral cats play with roaches
stacks of newspapers
Nan, Ginger, CelenaDiana


Faded prom photo
Seventeen two dollar bills
coded love letters
Nan, Ginger, CelenaDiana


under the radar
no tweets or tags to distract
FaceBook calling me
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger


Sun sparkling off pool
Squinting at hunky lifeguard
Trying not to stare
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger

She said

Remain in the light
want to see your lying eyes
For this one...last...time
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger


Ecclectic Tastes

Schubert and Elvis
Pate and fried gizzards
Raw silk and cashmere
Nan, Ginger, CelenaDiana

The snake that eats its tail

Returning in its next life
Choking on itself
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger

They cry

fussy baby squalls
hoping to be rescued from 
her own hunger pain
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger

Ghosts hover around

Dead man playing flute
Graceful spirits pirouette
Sing heavenly songs
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger
ekphrastic poem based on:
El Flautista/The Flutist 1952
by Gabriel Fernandez Ledesma
pyroxylin on masonite

Lone Woman

Tendrils frame her face
Delicate impish features
Who kisses her mouth?
CelenaDiana, Nan Ginger
ekphrastic poem based on:
Olga Costa, Coyoacan
Mexico City, 1972
by Paulina Lavista
gelatin silver print

I will regress

Tease me but don't torture me
I balance between yesterdays and tomorrows
Only to walk backwards
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nicholas


What it opened...(haiku)

right combination
alabaster precious box
Things that were once lost
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nicholas

What they represent

gifts remain unwrapped
dusty and forgotten behind the couch
and so am I
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nicholas

Infinite Vulnerabilities

hunted by her own
secret insecurities
paranoia will
CelenaDiana, Nan, Ginger

I sing about
Lost loves and old friends 
New Year's Auld Lang Syne
Ginger, CelenaDiana, Nan


the rate of exchange
found coins in pink piggy bank
dimes equal coffee
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan


Wheels on tricycles
Me, myself and I
Bird, bee, and butterfly
Nan, CelenaDiana, Ginger

Exercise Control

Only one more Snickers
trying to portion size
10 reps in sets of 10
Nan, CelenaDiana, Ginger


Thigh high sexy boots
Candy apple stilettos
Dollar Store flip flops
Nan, CelenaDiana, Ginger


cool air tickles lavender stems
Collie plays tag with Horse
Wrap-around porch swing
Ginger, CelenaDiana, Nan


City street slipping
Streets lit up with hurried voices
Coffee shops curbside
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan


Opaque mirrors we
March in muddied surplus boots
Eating desert sand
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan


Hot topic ignites
Brown skin, natives played like pawns
Green card currency
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan

If You Font

You wonder what could Helvetica
Georgia often rests inside my poems
Of love in flowing FrenchScript
Ginger, CelenaDiana, Nan


Who Are We To Sacrifice?

Who is the knife?  The lamb?
Altar and fire ready
How much is required?
CelenaDiana, Ginger, Nan

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 2014 Comics of author CelenaDiana Bumpus

Just finished book designing Tie a Woven Bracelet:  Dreams Within the Ocean Literary Series #4 by Reanna Marchman.  Its ready for print.  The book launch is 02Feb2014, Sunday, 6-9pm at the Dreams Within The Ocean Literary Venue at Shades of Afrika, 114 E. 6th St, Corona, Ca.  I am the host of the venue.

I still have:
     another book to edit and layout this weekend
     correspondence to answer
     student homework and manuscripts to review
     my "white rabbit" poetry project to outline
     lesson plans to write for my 4 creative writing classes
     Dreams Within The Ocean Literary Series #5 through #10 to start editing, laying out and 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mevoj PoemADay Challenges 2014

Mevoj is doing a PoemADay challenge writing about relationships and romance

If anyone would like to take the challenge with us, I will publish a small color book of their poetry for free and give them 4 free copies.  For more information, visit

Deadline to enroll 01Jan2014

To enroll in the challenge, please email CelenaDiana at "" and put in the subject line "Mevoj Challenge".  Just submit a letter of interest to CelenaDiana at Islands For Writers Publishing stating your intent to submit 31 completed poems for our January 2014 challenge.  This is not a contest.  It is a community project encouraging poets to have their original literature published.  I will send a confirmation letter with the final details.

Deadline to submit final manuscript 14Feb2014

Mevoj is doing a PoemADay challenge writing about character studies of one of or more people.
Deadline to submit final manuscript 15Apr2014

Mevoj is doing a PoemADay challenge writing about community, region, culture and city
Deadline to submit final manuscript 15Jun2014

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Current Open Submissions Listing

The following are open submissions available for complete manuscripts, poetry and prose for the month of July and August 2013
This list will be updated frequently.'

deadline 31Aug2013

Shuf Poetry
deadline 15July2013

Able Muse Press
=complete manuscript
deadline 15July2013

Trio House Press
=complete manuscript
deadline 31July2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mevoj Writing Challenges for the PoemADay Challenge Oct2013

This is a running list of inspiration from the mind of CelenaDiana OceanMoonSpirit to help start a poem or short story or short memoiir to write daily.   This list will be updated regularly.
Also visit  
Which is a webpage on FaceBook dedicated to the post writing prompts for the public and discuss Mevoj writng group meetings.

Day 10
#642     What have you learned about yourself through one of your most powerful experieces with someone else?  Who was the other person?  What did the experience reveal about that person?  How old were you?  What year was it?  What city were you in?
Day 9
#1776  "walking through"
Day 8
#5     Describe a close friend in full detail utilizing every nuance they possess.  Descibe their special uniqueness and what makes them so individualistic
Day 7
#739     "recharge your batteries"
Day 6
#1941    "of the enslaver"
Day 5 
#1942     "God should be a source of inspiration"
Day 4
Writing prompt using the word "Theurgy".
Day 3
Write about the phobia "Ablutophobia"
Day 2
#1946     "be a source of"
Day 1
#1699     "life is..."